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Winter Series

Meadowlarke North Winter Schooling Series 2023/2024

**New to 2023/2024 Season – At the completion of each Division we will have a Year End Ribbon and Prize Presentation to the high point Horses / Riders – 1st to 3rd place at the last Hunter & Jumper competition. To qualify for a year end award, riders must have competed in a minimum of 3 competitions.

Hunter Competitions

Hunter Standings

  • Sunday November 19, 2023
  • Sunday January 7, 2024
  • Sunday February 4, 2024
  • Sunday March 3, 2024
  • Sunday April 7, 2024


1. 7:00-8:00am – 18″ Open Hunter Warm-Up (5 horses at a time)

Show Starts @ 8am

18″ Hunter Division

2. Un-Judged Schooling Trip
3. Hunter Over Fences
4. Hunter Over Fences
5. Hunter Over Fences STAKE
6. Hunter Under Saddle

Hack Division

7. Road Hack
8. Show Hack
9. Pleasure Hack

2′ Hunter Division

10. Un-Judged Schooling Trip
11. Hunter Over Fences
12. Hunter Over Fences
13. Hunter Over Fences STAKE
14. Hunter Under Saddle

2’3″ Hunter Division

15. Un-Judged Schooling Trip
16. Hunter Over Fences
17. Hunter Over Fences
18. Hunter Over Fences STAKE
19. Hunter Under Saddle

Open High / Low Hunter 2’6″ / 2’9″
Judged as 1 division. Low height to jump first, followed by High.

20. Un-Judged Schooling Trip
21. Hunter Over Fences
22. Hunter Over Fences
23. Hunter Over Fences STAKE
24. Hunter Under Saddle

Schooling Trips will run with your 3 over fences trips in the division.

Jumper Competitions

Jumper Standings

  • Sunday November 26, 2023
  • Sunday January 21, 2024
  • Sunday February 25, 2024
  • Sunday March 24, 2024
  • Sunday April 28, 2024


1. 7:00-7:45am Cross-rail Open Jumper Warm-Up (5 horses at a time)

Cross-rail course walk 7:45-8:00am

Show Starts @ 8am

Cross-rail Classes

2. Clear Round
3. Optimum Time Speed

.60 Meter Division (no combinations)

4. Clear Round
5. Optimum Time Speed
6. Table A Immediate Jump Off
7. Table A Speed STAKE

.75-.80 Meter Division

8. Clear Round
9. Table A Immediate Jump Off
10. Table A Speed STAKE
11. Jumper Medal

.90 Meter Division

12. Clear Round
13. Table A Immediate Jump Off
14. Table A Speed STAKE
15. Power & Speed

1.0/1.10 Meter Combined Division

16. Clear Round
17. Table A Immediate Jump Off
18. Table A Speed STAKE
19. Power & Speed

1.15-1.20 Meter Classes

20. Clear Round
21. Table A Immediate Jump Off

Clear Round classes to run back to back with first class of each jumper division


Competition Rules

1. ASTM approved helmets mandatory for all riders.
2. Schooling show attire required.
4. Numbers must be worn and visible at all times while mounted.
5. Fall of rider in show ring = elimination.
6. All dogs must be leashed.
7. For all other concerns, Equestrian Canada rules apply.


1. Entries close on the Friday at 11:59pm before show.
2. Entries received after due date will be charged $20 late entry fee. Day Of entries will not be accepted.
3. Entries via:
4. Regarding signing up for the show – it will ask you for your credit card info and will authorize $1 to make sure the card is valid. It won’t be charged until after you finish competing – hence why it will show a zero balance when you make your entry. Any no-shows and complete scratches (did not ride on show grounds) will be charged an nonrefundable office fee of $25+hst.
5. NOTE TO TRAINERS – Please make sure your/client’s entries has your name down as a trainer. This will help order of goes/ ingate staff.
6. Back Numbers will be available for pick-up on the table by the office.
7. To see the order of goes and approx. times – please visit, select our show from the list, then click on Ring Sched. tab. Click on the ‘Show Name’for those don’t have an account with


1. Ribbons to 8th in all divisions.
2. Ribbons will be available to pick up at the self-serve table by the office.
3. Champion/Reserve Champions at each show are calculated as follows: 7,5,4,3,2,1.
4. Champion Tie-Breakers – In Hunter divisions, most points over fences wins. Jumper/Hack divisions, Management will flip a coin for the Champion ribbon & prize.
5. Champion & Reserve ribbons are both awarded with a prize.
6. Stake money will be paid in divisions with 6 or more entries where the rider has competed in the entire division.
7. Stake Prize Money – 1st $35.00, 2nd $25.00, 3rd $20.00, 4th $10.00, 5th $10.00


1. Management reserves the right to cancel, modify, combine, or split any class.
2. Management also reserves the right to change the order of classes before or during the show, or to move classes to another ring.
3. Meadowlarke Stables Inc., the competition and their officials, directors, employees, volunteers and agents harmless from all claims including for any injury or loss resulted, directly or indirectly, from the negligent acts or omissions of said officials, directors, employees, volunteers or agents of Meadowlarke Stables Inc..
4. We do not do any drug testing HOWEVER if a horse appears doped up, the entry will be eliminated from competition at management’s discretion.
5. Adult pony riders are allowed to show but must be appropriate height/weight for pony competing.
6. Well-behaved Stallions are allowed, but Management must be notified and approve. Any unruly behavior by a stallion will be grounds for dismissal from either show ring and/or anywhere on show grounds.


Visa/MasterCard Credit, Visa/MasterCard Debit, Cash, e-Transfer


1. Office/Medic fees only apply if scratches are received as follows:
Hunters/Beginners – before the start of the division.
Jumpers/Equitation – before the start of each class.
If scratches are not received in the above time frame, FULL entry fees will be due.
2. Add/Scratches MUST be done at the office.
3. Telling the ingate that you are scratching is not considered an official scratch.

Stalls and Arenas

For those who are renting our stalls, these are the stall rules –
1. Do not hang anything (buckets, hay nets, etc.) on stall bars or gates.
2. Recommend over-the-door bucket hooks for buckets or attach to cross tie rings.
3. One horse per stall.
4. Only horses renting stalls are allowed in the barns.
5. Keep doors/doorways clear for fire emergencies.
6. Any damages done to the stall will be charged to credit card on file.
7. Stalls are non-refundable.
8. NO Hay to be fed in Indoor areas other than stalls
9. NO horses standing by bleachers or doorways




1. We will be requiring supporting documentation for Equine Influenza and Equine Herpes Virus (1&4) vaccination in form of a vet’s bill or letter for ALL HORSES RENTING STALLS. The vaccination must be administered not earlier than 12 months of the horse show date, but not within 7 days of the show date. Please email the supporting documents.
2. We ask all competitors to check your horse’s temperature the night before and the morning of Meadowlarke North competition date, it should not be over 38.6 C (F 101.5)
3. If ANY of the horses at your barn, showing or non showing, have a higher than normal temperature, you must not bring ANY horses to Meadowlarke North, please leave ALL horses home.
4. Unless warming-up/showing we ask that you keep your horses time in the arena/ring(s) to a minimum. While waiting for your classes, please either have your horses in your horse trailer or rented stalls.
5. Have horses tacked before entering buildings, and don’t bring in any other riding equipment, blankets etc. unless absolutely necessary. This reduces possible contamination of surface areas inside, or, of your equipment.
6. No nose-to-nose contact with other horses that are not from your barn.
7. No sharing equipment between horses not in your barn.
8. Please bring your own water or if using the barn hose don’t touch it to your bucket to avoid contamination.


Hunter Class Fee


Hunter Stake Class Fee


(3rd Class)

Jumper Class Fee


Jumper Stake Class Fee


(Speed Class)

1.15-1.20m Class Fee


Hack Class Fee


Office Fee


Medic Fee


Warm up / Schooling Trip


Jumper Clear Round


1.15-1.20m Clear Round Fee


Day Stall Fee


(shavings included)

Overnight Stall Fee


(shavings included)


  • Indoor Show Arena – 100′ x 240′
  • Indoor Warm-Up Arena – 80′ x 144′
  • Indoor Waiting Area – 50′ x 100′
  • Arenas contains FootingFirst fiber
  • Ample parking available for trailers and cars
  • Large, bright indoor stalls available for rent

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