Meadowlarke North Summer/Fall Schooling Series

Summer Competition Series 2020

  • Sunday, March 29, 2020 (Jumpers only – Indoors) – 8am Start – Cancelled
  • Sunday, April 5, 2020 (Hunters & Hack only – Indoors) – 9am Start
    ( 18″ Warm-Up runs 8am-9am ) – Cancelled
  • Monday, May 18, 2020 – Cancelled
  • Sunday June 28, 2020 – Cancelled
  • Monday, August 3, 2020 – Running!
  • Monday, September 7, 2020  –  Running!
  • New Fall Date! – Monday, October 12, 2020 – Running!

Series Highlights

  • Year End Awards – NOT OFFERED FOR 2020
  • Highpoint Year End Cooler – NOT OFFERED FOR 2020
  • Prizes, Prizes, Prizes at every show! – NOT OFFERED FOR 2020
  • Prize Money – NOT OFFERED FOR 2020
  • Finale: $500 Hunter Classic with EACH Hunter Division – NOT OFFERED FOR 2020
  • Finale:  $500 Mini Prix with EACH Jumper Division – NOT OFFERED FOR 2020

To qualify for a year end award, Hunter / Jumper Horses & Equitation / Lead Line / Starter / Crossrail Riders, must have competed in a minimum of 3 shows.



Beginners – 11 am Start
May, July, August, September & October ONLY

Lead Line Division
11 years and under

1. Walk Equitation
2. Walk – Trot Equitation
3. Walk Pattern

Starter Walk / Trot Division

4. Hunter Under Saddle
5. Equitation on the Flat
6. Pattern Class

Warm up offered before the start of each Crossrail Division

Crossrail Equitation Division
crossrail lines – outsides only

7. Walk / Trot Equitation
8. Walk / Trot / Individual Canter Equitation
9. Cavaletti Equitation – Left Lead
10. Cavaletti Equitation – Right Lead

Crossrail Course Division
crossrail courses – outsides & diagonals

11. Equitation on the flat
12. Hunter Under Saddle
13. Equitation Over Fences
14. Hunter Over Fences

Hunters – 9:00 am Start

Beginner Hunter Division – 18″
Open to Beginner Riders and Green Horses

15. Hunter Over Fences
16. Hunter Over Fences
17. Hunter Over Fences
18. Hunter Under Saddle

2′ Hunter Division

19. Hunter Over Fences
20. Hunter Over Fences
21. Hunter Over Fences
22. Hunter Under Saddle

Open Equitation – 2′
Over Fences to run with the 2′ Hunter Division Over Fences classes
Flat to run immediately following the 2′ Hunter Under Saddle

23. Equitation Over Fences
24. Equitation on the Flat

2’3″ Hunter Division

25. Hunter Over Fences
26. Hunter Over Fences
27. Hunter Over Fences
28. Hunter Under Saddle

Open High / Low Hunter 2’6″ / 2’9″
Judged as 1 division.  Low height to jump first, followed by High.

29. Hunter Over Fences
30. Hunter Over Fences
31. Hunter Over Fences
32. Hunter Under Saddle

18″ Open Beginner Warm up 8:00 am – 9:00 am.
2′-2’9″ Hunter Divisions – Schooling Trip offered with division.
Schooling Trips will run with your 3 over fences trips in the division.


Jumpers – 8:00 am Start

Hack Division

33. Road Hack
34. Show Hack
35. Pleasure Hack

.70 m Division

36. .70m Clear Round
37. Table A Immediate Jump off
38. Table A Speed
39. Power & Speed

.80 m Division

40. .80m Clear Round
41. Table A Immediate Jump off
42. Table A Speed
43. Power & Speed

.90 m Division

44. .90m Clear Round
45. Table A Immediate Jump off
46. Table A Speed
47. Power & Speed

Clear Round classes to run back to back with first class of each jumper division

Summer Series Finale – Update – Finale is cancelled for 2020, will run as a regular competition.

Monday September 7, 2020

In addition to our regular Hunter & Jumper Show Schedule, we will be offering the following Specialty Classes.

  • $500 Hunter Classic  – with EACH Hunter Division
    1st Round will replace your division stake class
    2nd round ( top 8 called back ) to be jumped immediately after your under saddle
  • $500 Mini Prix  –  with EACH Jumper Division
    Mini Prix to replace the 3rd class of the division.
    Jump Off to begin after all riders have completed the first round
    Finale Jumper Division Schedule
    Clear Round
    Power & Speed
    Mini Prix

Year End Awards

At the completion of each Division we will have a Year End Ribbon and Cooler Presentation to the high point Horses / Riders.


COVID-19 RULES AND REGULATIONS – updated for Oct 12th Competition

1)         NO GENERAL PUBLIC ADMISSION.  There will be an Access List referenced upon arrival. Access to the show grounds will be limited to the following: Competitors, Grooms, Trainers/Coaches, One Parent/Adult for competitors that are minors. Trainers/Coaches must provide a full list of support personnel prior to arrival. 

2)         Any person entering the show grounds will have their temperature checked upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature above 100.3F/37.9C  or who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to enter the show grounds. Hands will be stamped to allow exiting/reentering during the competition.

3)         All competitors and authorized support personnel on the property will be required to wear a mask at all times INDOORS  (office, barns, indoor arenas) when not on horseback.  If rider dismounts for any reason, they must be wearing a mask if they are indoors or common areas. Masks must be worn outside when you cannot be 2 meters (6’) from others.  Masks also must be worn is all common areas – INGATE AREA, IN/OUT OF INDOOR ARENAS, VIEWING AREAS. All competitors and authorized support personnel must bring their own mask.  We will have clothe masks for sale, if needed.

4)         Each person entering the property must have submitted the Meadowlarke Stables Inc. waiver.

5)         If you are not on the Access List and/or have not submitted the waivers, you will not be permitted to  enter the show grounds.

6)          Hand sanitizing stations will be supplied at various points throughout the facility and porta potties will be disinfected multiple times during the competition.

7)         There will be stall rentals available.  Masks must be worn at all times in the barns.

8)         Braiding is optional.

9)          Ribbons will be awarded.  There will be a self-serve ribbon table by the office – please social distance.

10)          Online entries only (via  NO POST ENTRIES.  Payment must be made by October 9th by credit card ($5 surcharge for each credit card charge) or direct e-transfer at

11)     Back numbers will be handed out to trainers at the entrance of the showgrounds.

12)     Entry deadline is October 9th.  Entries will be limited if necessary.

13)     To minimize office & ingate interactions, there will only be an option to enter by division, it is up to you, if you do some or all classes.  There will be no stake classes or prizes.

14)     ADDS/SCRATCHES – Competitors will be allowed to scratch minus a office fee ($25+tax) before the start of the division that they have signed up for. Competitors will also be able to ADD up until the deadline (Oct 9th) Please email at to add or scratch after your entry is made online.

15)     Horses will be limited to 2 full divisions regardless of beginner/hunter/jumper ring(s).  You will have the option of doing a warm-up/schooling class.

16)      We will post times for each division.  Please arrive close to your competition time & depart as soon as possible.

17)     Anyone who does not abide by the safety protocols will be removed from the show grounds.

We are looking forward to a safe and fun competition!



  • Entries via:
  • Ribbons to 6th in all divisions
  • Management reserves the right to cancel or modify divisions
  • Stake money will be paid in divisions with over 5 entries where the rider has competed in the entire division. UPDATE FOR 2020 – NO STAKE CLASSES
  • Stake Prize Money – 1st $35.00, 2nd $25.00, 3rd $20.00 UPDATE FOR 2020 – NO STAKE CLASSES FOR THIS YEAR
  • Riders / Horses must have competed in a minimum of 3 shows to qualify for Year End Award
  • Post Entry Fee applies to all entries made day of the show.  UPDATE FOR 2020 – NO POST ENTRIES.
  • Stall Rentals available
  • All dogs must be leashed







  • Lead Line Division Fee – $49.00
  • Starter Walk/Trot Division Fee – $54.00
  • Crossrail Equitation Division Fee – $69.00
  • Crossrail Course Division Fee – $72.00
  • Hunter Division Fee – $76.00
  • Jumper Division Fee – $65.00
  • Hack Division Fee – $54.00
  • Open Equitation Division Fee – $36.00


Facility Features

  • 2 Large Sand Rings – professionally graded
  • Indoor Beginner Ring – 80′ X 144′
  • Indoor Warm-up (100′ X 240′) with Fiber Footing
  • Ample parking available for trailers and cars
  • Large, bright indoor stalls available for rent



  • Beginner/Hunter Warm up Fee – $15.00
  • Jumper Clear Round – $18.00
  • Office Fee – $25.00
  • Medic Fee – $10.00
  • Day Stall – $40.00