Learn to ride in a Relaxed & Friendly atmosphere

Summer Riding Camp at Meadowlarke North.

It’s worth the drive to Acton!!

Join us for a fun-filled week on the Farm. Campers will participate in everything from Horseback Riding to Horse Care; being hands on with the horses is the best way to build a bond and create confidence.

Campers will be divided into groups of 5 and rotate through the following activities everyday (except Friday which is “Show Day”)

  • Riding Lesson
    Depending on your level of experience, you will be riding at the walk, trot and canter. If you are one of the higher levels you may even do some jumping.
    The instructor is assisted by knowledgeable volunteers that will help the riders if needed
  • Lunging & Horse Games
    Campers will participate in different activities and games on the horses to aid in balance/confidence
  • Horsemanship
    Campers will be hands on with the horses learning how to properly groom, saddle and care for the horse
  • Know Your Horse
    Explore horses further learning about horse habits, behaviors, illness’ etc.
  • Know Your World
    Animals, The Environment & You – Hands on humane education with our pigs, cows, sheep, ducks & chickens