Part Board @ Meadowlarke North

Do you continuously dream of owning your own horse?  Giving it all the love & care you have to offer!
Like many of us, time and finances get in the way of fulfilling our dream.  Part-Boarding a horse is a great way to have your dreams become reality.
The more time you can spend in the saddle, the stronger you will become as a rider, and the stronger you are as a rider the more confidence you will have.
What does Part-Board at Meadowlarke North have to offer

  • Your horse will be exclusively available for you 3 times per week, 1 of which must be a lesson
  • You will have first choice of divisions/dates for the Meadowlarke North Series of Competitions
  • Fee $400 per month ( this does not include monthly lesson fees )

We will ask all riders to partake in an assessment ride, to make sure that your riding abilities are sufficient to ride safely on your own, and that you are matched with the right horse.

owning your own horse
Part-Boarding a horse