At Meadowlarke North we have a variety of horses in our care
Competition & Sales Horses
The Teachers – our schooling horses &horses in training
Retiree’s – leisurely living out their golden years.
Meet our Competition & Sales Horses

Centex – aka Cent – SOLD congratulations to his new owner.

Cent is a lovely boy that came over from the Czech Republic in December of 2016 and is owned by JACQ Sport Horses.  He has competed extensively in the 1.40m jumpers.  Cent has a wonderful attitude and tonnes of talent.

JACQ Sport Horses proudly offers Centex for sale – Click Here – for more information.

Le Carela – aka Carela

Carela is a beautiful Warmblood Mare.  Originally from the Czech Republic, she came to Canada in December 2016.  Carela has so much talent and was been extremely successful in the 1.30m / 1.40m jumpers.

Le Carela is offered For Sale – Click Here – for more information


Meet our Lesson Horses & Horses in Training


Chanel was born at Meadowlarke South in 2015 to our lovely mare Paris.  Just like her mom Chanel has a very gentle personality and is always looking to please.


Chico came to live at Meadowlarke Stables in 2015 when he was just 1 year old.  Chico was rescued from the livestock auction where his entire family went for slaughter.



Kira was born at Meadowlarke South in 2015 to our mare Angelina.  Like her mother, Kira has a very strong personality.


Nike was born on June 23, 2012 – he is a Hanoverian/Thoroughbred cross gelding.  Nike came to Meadowlarke Stables in the fall of 2017 when his current owner was looking to re-home him due to a move and training issues.  Nike went right to work being taught how to be a riding horse, and joined the riding school in January 2018.  He is a very kind boy that looks to please.  Nike has a big step and very pleasant way of going.


Romeo joined the family in 2015 as a 2 year old stallion.  This boy has it all – looks and charm.  Romeo is a quick study and is going to make someone a phenomenal partner.


Stark is a fan favourite.  He is gentle, kind and a wonderful teacher.  Stark originally was rescued by another farm in 2010, but ended up coming to live at Meadowlarke in December 2012.  Stark has not only taught lessons but also been a top pick for the Schooling Competitions and The Challenge Series.


Texas came to live at Meadowlarke Stables in March of 2013.  He was nervous of the rider at first but tried very hard.  Texas quickly moved along and was soon jumping courses.  With an easy lead change he will make someone a lovely mount.

Meet our Retiree’s


Alta is definitely the biggest in the barn standing over 17 hands high.  She was originally a driving horse before being sent to slaughter, after being rescued by Meadowlarke we taught her to be a riding horse.  Unfortunately Alta developed a lameness that prevented her from continuing to be ridden.  She now lives out her days in peace and tranquility.

Buffy  aka Almost an Angel

Buffy was born in 1993, she came to Meadowlarke Stables after the young girl she was bought for decided she didn’t like horses.  Buffy was a feisty girl and loved to jump, she led many riders to Championships on the Trillium and Challenge Series, and even competed on the ‘A’ Circuit with great placings.  After retiring from the competition ring, Buffy went on to teach riding lessons until her full retirement.


Caprice was born in 1990, and rescued by Meadowlarke Stables in the mid-1990’s.  She was on the riding school for several years, but did not enjoy teaching people to ride – she had many little tricks.  When Caprice retired she went to live at the Brampton Land, before coming to live at Meadowlarke North.  Caprice is a very sweet girl and loves people, as long as they aren’t riding her 🙂


Fargo was  born in 2000. He was saved from slaughter along with his brother Casper.  Fargo became a favourite in the riding school – teaching so many how to ride.  An old man in a young mans body, he has a very relaxed personality.  One of Fargo’s most loved pastimes is sleeping, he would come in his stall in the afternoon and flake out for a big nap.  During his nap he would make little nickering noises and his little feet would be going – like he was out galloping with his friends.  Fargo also liked to play hard, he was one of the most playful in the field.  Sadly Fargo is now visually impaired and is living out his days at Meadowlarke North.


Kiki, a beautiful grey welsh small pony was born in 2002, and rescued by Meadowlarke Stables in 2005. Originally named Kicker – she kicked the man at the auction she was bought from & kicked Anthea many times during her training.   Kiki was very frightened of people and she had learned that to keep them away she could just kick them.  After two years of patient work she began to trust and stopped kicking.  Kiki was settling into to being a lovely riding pony, until one day on the lunge she was feeling very good and let out a big buck, from that day forward she had a mild lameness.   Despite trying many different things to get her sound again nothing worked and she went to live at the Meadowlarke Land.  While at the land Kiki foundered so she was taken Meadowlarke North as she was terribly sore.   There she has made a miraculous recovery and is able to trot and canter again out in the field with her friends.


Oscar was rescued in 2016, he is a lovely pinto pony.   Oscar was drugged at the auction so when we trotted him he looked sound, after a few days in quarantine he was lame on both front legs.   We have tried endlessly to figure out his lameness, and even with the help of our Vet and Farrier have had no success.  We like to believe Oscar is only semi-retired, we hope to that we will be able to get him sound and he can join our lesson program.


Roma was born around 1992, and was saved from slaughter in 1996.   She was on the riding school for many years and then developed a lameness.   So she went to live at the Meadowlarke land, where she recovered and started  teaching riding again.   Roma loves being a surrogate mom to the young horses.  She hangs out with them and keeps them in line.  She has since retired and lives at Meadowlarke North.

Taz – aka Razzmatazz

Taz was born in 1995 and is a crossbred chestnut gelding.  Meadowlarke Stables purchased him at a herd dispersal in 1997.   Taz started off on the riding school and showed on The Challenge Series, before going on to show on the Trillium Circuit for a few years with Jessica Hunter.  He was extremely successful on both series with multiple year end Championship titles.  Taz then showed on the ‘A’ circuit, qualifying and competing at the Royal Winter Fair in 2005 and again in 2009.  Taz enjoys showing but is quite spooky, he has had to work very hard to overcome his fears, and sometimes they still get the better of him.  His biggest nightmare is the white stool in the indoor arena.  Taz is now retired at Meadowlarke North loving life.


Theo was a former race horse born in 1986, he is a handsome bay gelding with white socks.  During his working days Theo was an excellent school horse, and had a career competing on the Trillium Circuit and Challenge Series.  Theo began not liking to jump, which was unfortunate since he had a beautiful jumping style, so he went on to compete in the Hack Division.  Once retired from competition Theo continued to teach riders on the school.  Now retired and living at Meadowlarke North Theo has the good life getting extra food and pampering whenever he wants!!