Arena Rentals – Hunter Days

School your horses / clients without the pressure of the show ring.

A great way to prep for a show, school young / green horses or to take sales videos.

Fully decorated Hunter courses


10am - 4pm
Thursday April 8, 2021
10am - 3pm
Sunday April 11, 2021
10am - 7pm
Monday April 12, 2021
10am - 4pm
Tuesday April 13, 2021
10am - 4pm
Wednesday April 14, 2021


  • 100′ x 240′ Indoor Competition Ring with Fiber Footing
  • Fully decorated Hunter & Jumper Courses
  • Heated office / lounge
  • Large Parking Area for Trailers & Cars adjacent to the barn
  • Day Stalls available for rental
  • Friendly & Professional environment


  • Make great Sales Videos in our bright and airy rings
  • School Green Horses
  • Give your clients an off property experience without the pressures of the show ring
  • Prep for our Winter Series shows



  • Please check your horse’s temperature before arriving at Meadowlarke North, it should not be over 38.6 C (F 101.5). A fever is one of the first signs of EHV and other illnesses.
  • Have horses tacked before entering buildings, and don’t bring in any other riding equipment, blankets etc unless absolutely necessary. This reduces possible contamination of surface areas inside, or, of your equipment.
  • Only enter the buildings with your horse 5 mins before your arena rental starts.
  • Please leave the building immediately when your hour is up, no standing in the waiting area.
  • Small arena (warm-up arena) is off limits to off-property horses.
  • No nose to nose contact with other horses that are not in your ‘barn bubble’
  • No sharing equipment between horses not in your ‘barn bubble’
  • Please bring your own water for your horse to avoid possible hose contamination.


  • NO GENERAL PUBLIC ADMISSION. Only riders and their support personnel that are listed on the Arena Rental Registration form and have submitted an online Arena Rentals Participant Form will be allowed onto the property.
  • Only 2 persons per rider will be permitted.
  • All riders and authorized support personnel on the property will be required to wear a mask at all times INDOORS (office, barns, indoor arenas) or outside when you cannot be 2 meters (6’) from others, when not on horseback. If rider dismounts for any reason, they must be wearing a mask when indoors.
  • Before entering the building, please use hand sanitizer provided.
  • Anyone who does not abide by the safety protocols will be asked to leave the property.


  • $220 + HST reserves you / your group exclusive use of the ring for the hour booked (you can bring up to 6 horses).
  • 24 Hours Notice is required to receive a refund. Cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded.

To Register:
** Please note space is available on a First Come First Served basis, upon completion of the steps below.

1. Each person (rider, trainer, groom, support personnel) entering onto the property must submit the online ARENA RENTALS PARTICIPANT FORM

2. Submit the Arena Rentals Registration Form to with a Visa/MasterCard or e-transfer at (indicate arena rentals & barn name in note) and your requested time.

3. Upon receipt of the Registration Form, Arena Rentals Participant Forms, Meadowlarke Stables will confirm day/time request.